I received my Grip Guides today; put them on my Driver…I instantly found my swing fault!
I hit about 100 balls at the range with the grip guides. After about 20 balls I started getting confidence that my ball flight was predictable again. Thanks a MILLION!

Rick Herring


Grips guides are so cool. Should have a few orders from Savannah area. Most people say “Oh, you want it more in the fingers” and I feel like smacking my forehead with my palm thinking “Yes, that’s what we’ve been talking about” and it’s like magic with this. I still need to put my thumb under the thumb outlines as they like to go long of it and then they get it.

Great! We handed them out in class, explained to parents and then I sent them the page link from your website. Hopefully will be seeing a lot of them and hearing feedback.

One of my top 5 favorite training tools ever 🙂  Nicole Weller


The Grip Guides really helped provide the visual concept of the grip to young people of all skill levels. The young people in our program enjoyed the simplicity of placing their hands in a certain manner and that created the right grip. We do have some who’s grips were either to weak or strong and of course we heard from them “THIS DON’T FEEL RIGHT” ☺ so it was funny to hear our Coaches say back “IF IT DON’T FEEL RIGHT THAN IT IS RIGHT…KEEP SWINGING!!!” ☺ LOL!! Its was truly a useful tool and we look forward to our 2013 season as we’ll be fully implementing the Golf Guides as the standard practice for teaching and learning the golf grip. We won’t use any other tools or products, Grip Guides will be our #1 Source!!
I’m truly on board that this is one product tat will forever be GREATLY used and needed in the development of people of all ages and sill levels in the game of golf. It makes a very important fundamental to have easier to learn and better to comprehend and transfer! I’m a Fan@ – Secah


Grip Guides has really transformed my golf swing. I started using the Grip Guide on Friday and without much time to practice – I took the new grip on the course. I struggled on Friday, as it was quite a change from where I was before. After listening to Chip and his explanation of how the hands work through impact and the affect the grip has on this I continued working on it over the weekend. I was seeing some really great results on Saturday yet still somewhat uncomfortable with the new position but knew I was on the right track. Sunday afternoon it really clicked and I was getting at least 25 – 30 yards longer and Straight! My iron striking was incredibly better and distance increased by least a club. I am a believer in your product and have been sharing it with my golfing buddies. – Lisa



It was very easy to put on the club and it shows that I have a good grip. Now make something that will give you the perfect swing.

Happy Holidays,



Chip:  Thanks for playing with us at Grey Oaks Thursday (Dayton group).  You were most generous with your insights on the game, especially the grip positions and most enjoyable to be with.  Take care.  – Joe Finnigan


Blake and I have learned so much about ourselves, golf, and life by your life example and the treasured time we spent with you at Pebble – I guarantee you we will never be the same.


I truly enjoyed our round at the Allianz Championship this year and can’t help but think in some small way perhaps our laughs, comraderie and friendship formed that day played a small role in your success.  OK, maybe not!  I do have to say though, that was one of my most fun rounds of golf in a long time…thank you, the tips you gave us have helped my grip and game.  Hope to see you at the Championship again this year!



Just wanted you to know that your grip advice on the 17th hole at Wayzata last Friday really helped.  .  Perhaps more importantly, I used your grip advice all day.  It felt weird but my shots were much longer and stronger.  And I didn’t hook even one ball all day!!!  I can’t thank you enough.  And I checked out your wife’s “grip-guides” and I plan on buying some.