Golfers around the country shell out thousands of dollars with pros to show them exactly how to grip and swing the club, only to remain stumped when it comes time to do it themselves.  Realizing that he had the ability to offer support with a simple tool, one professional golfer took it upon himself to change how players hold their clubs and use the full potential of their body to maximize their swing.  Grip Guides was born out of that passion for a perfect swing.  It’s with excitement that we introduce this new product that will revolutionize the way you hold a club.

Inspired by his wife’ difficulty to remember how to grip a golf club like he’d shown her, 2011 Comeback Player of the Champions Tour Chip Beck developed Grip Guides to help players of all levels and aptitudes.  Motivated when he was younger by golfers like Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus, Chip listened when they talked about the perfect grip.  They both had it, but experienced trouble putting into words just what it was.  Now that computer science has progressed throughout the years, Chip has been able to figure out that thumb placement is a vital component for how you will swing the club.  Simply tweaking the thumbs’ position from a 12 o’clock placement to backside of the shaft allows for a better use of the arm muscles.  This ensures that less compensation will be needed, regardless of the shot.

After switching to the overlapping Vardon grip later in his career, Chip wanted to find a way to break down exactly what the perfect grasp entailed so that everyone would understand.  By using adhesive strips, thermo-chromatic ink and finger guides, Grip Guides will teach anyone how to properly hold the club every time.  The heat from their hands will illuminate their pressure points on the club, showing them how close they are to mimicking Chip Beck’s own grip and getting them one step closer to being like the guy who shot a 59!

Grip Guides are available for men, women and juniors in both left and right-handed versions.  You can learn more by visiting our blog or contact us for more details.