Keep Junior Clinics Fun with Champions Tour Chip Beck

Keep it simple with juniors

Keep it simple with juniors

I’ve had the most wonderful time participating with all the great junior teachers in South Florida.  Rick Heard with the Don Law Schools has been a true inspiration to me due to his diligence and hard work. Teaching people is his passion.  Also Valerie Moore I was fortunate enough to spend the morning with in Lake Worth, Florida with her juniors.  What I loved about Valerie was her dying passing for loving her kids. You could see it in their eyes how much fun they were having. One thing for sure is that children learn from adults that are making golf a fun endeavor.  Valerie started out her clinics with a little warm up for the children where they run through a few simple but fun tasks like tossing a ring over a stick, running and ducking under a stick, all activities are designed for fun, If your failed at the task you kept moving forward and everyone laughed with you if you failed to hoop the ring.  You can tell when kids are having a good time, and Valerie’s kids adore her and will do anything for her.  All the top teachers earn their wings, because it’s a labor of love in which your passion comes through. There is no faking it, you either have the passion or you don’t.  I love being involved with the top teachers because it takes me back into my past where I had great teachers and mentors that helped me become the person that I am today.  These experiences make me so thankful for all the wonderful people that I’ve had the joy of meeting and becoming a part of their lives.  Hopefully, I have enriched their lives as much as they have mine.

I’m looking forward to going to Savannah, Georgia in early March to work with Nicole Weller, who has received the PGA and LPGA’s National Junior Golf leader award, by the way, she is the first teacher to have achieved this honor from both organizations in the same year. This gives you some idea how special Nicole is. She has a passion for her teaching that goes beyond the ordinary, and I look forward to watching her in action, as well as, working along side her with a few of her clinics. Nicole is another person that drives that great passion for the game through her love of people and being involved with them. I personally have so much respect for all the great teachers that grow the game through their selfless dedication and devotion to their students.  I can’t wait to be in Savannah on March 5 and 6th.  I’m sure I’ll get more out of being with Nicole and her family at the Landings than they will ever receive from me. Thanks to everyone that makes the game so much fun to learn and enjoy.  I hope everyone will get involved with an enthusiastic teacher that wants you to enjoy playing your best.  One thing for sure is that if you do, you’ll receive an abundance of love, which will help you, be better in your life.  This is the main reason golfers should seek instruction, the relationships are truly life giving.  So until next time enjoy your time on the course.

Have fun and stay positive!  Chipper

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