What makes Grip Guides different from other golf grip training products?

What makes Grip Guides’s unique is that you turn your own club into a training aid. Grip Guides is the only training aid that teaches you how to hold your hands on the club without extra molding added to the club. Therefore, the knowledge you gain from placing your hands together properly every time transfers to all your clubs in the most efficient way.


How do I use the Grip Guides training aid?

We recommend applying to your seven iron because most instructors begin teaching with the seven iron.  Also, when warming up before your round it is good practice to begin with your seven iron, therefore getting your grip correct for your game.


Why should I use the Grip Guides?

Every golfer should practice their grip using Grip Guides because any correction will bring you more consistency, distance, and direction. Our training aid puts your hands in the most efficient way to hit a golf shot with fewer compensations than any other training aid on the market. If you want the best training aid to guarantee you have the perfect grip every time, buy a Grip Guide.   Ben Hogan practiced his grip for 30 minutes each day.


Is Grip Guides for beginners or professionals?
Grip Guides are for professionals, beginners, and every golfer in between. Any improvement for the most advanced professionals usually starts with improvement in their grip. For the first time in history, we know that the grip will predetermine how you swing, therefore, every player can benefit from knowing what is the most efficient grip in golf.  For beginners or seasonal players our guide is your instant lesson from Professional Golfer, Chip Beck.


What is the Grip Guides’ made of?

Our product is scientifically designed which allows you to see and feel the subtle nuances of the proper grip.


Which grip sizes will the Grip Guides fit?

Grip Guides fits any circumference grip for men, ladies and juniors from age 10.


Is the Grip Guides legal to use?

Grip Guides is a training aid for you to learn and practice.  For tournament play it is illegal, refer to usga for proper rules.


Where do my hands go on the club?

Your hands go on the club correctly when you know your top thumb is on the back side of the shaft. What makes the Grip Guides so useful, is that you will know your hand is at the right angle if your thumb runs right down the first line on the back of the shaft. The Grip Guides places your hands in the right angle in relation to the shaft which is easily discerned by seeing the color change or feeling the line run right down the middle of your top thumb. For the lower hand, you’ll see that your lower index finger’s knuckle will be right on the shaft, not lifted up off the shaft. This helps you to see if your lower hand is in the proper angle to place the center of gravity of your hand right on the shaft–this position gives you the most power and stability of your golf club to maximize your distance and accuracy.  Watch video for product demonstration.